Download TikTok video without watermark

What are the advantages of using Tiktok downloader provided by our services?

At this moment there are at least ten different downloaders for the Tiktok platform. Why would you decide on our particular option? Truth to be told, there are plenty of them. But to make sure that you understand clearly the biggest benefits of our product, we decided to name only 5, which is a really good number anyway.

1. User-friendliness
Using the Tiktok Downloading application should be as easy as using the social networking platform itself. Luckily for you, we made sure that this is the case. Thanks to the introduction of clear design, you can easily find all the necessary buttons and information regarding the entire downloading process. Also, we got rid of all the major advertisements that would pop out every now and then. It is quite clear that such an approach made many people angry due to plenty of misscliks.

2. No watermarks
Every author of the content they create wants to keep their signature on the clip. However, quite often it happens that we wish to present the picture to someone else and the logo of the content creator slightly ruins the entire clip. In other cases it can even cover up a significant part of the video. To make sure that none of these troubles concern you, we made sure that the video you receive is devoid of any watermarks, logos, and other trademarks that the owner might have had on it.

3. Numerous formats available
Sometimes we wish to save videos in HD format, in some other cases we prefer an MP4 option. It all depends on the size we wish to keep, the quality of the image, and many other options. Interestingly, sometimes we just need an audio since we really like the song made by an independent creator. If that is the case, you should be able to choose between three most popular options, which is HD, MP4, and MP3. Others even want to make clips into GIFs, which is something that we also allow you to do.

4. Downloading without limits
Next crucial advantage of this TT Downloader is the possibility to get unlimited videos without any fees, subscriptions, or other limitations. Other companies and services may guarantee a demonstrative version of the service only. However, to make things as easy and problem free as possible for everyday users, we unlock the true potential of this TikTok Downloading app and offer you downloading videos without any troubles whatsoever.

5. Safety
The last but surely not the least important benefit of using TikTok Download offered by our group is its safety. If you are afraid of breaking copyrights or simply using websites that may be infected with malware, spyware, or any other unwanted files, then this is the best option you can use. HTTPS certificates (the green lock at the top left of the browser) shows the page is clean and does not have any hidden threats.
It is obvious to say that if we wanted, we could expand the number of positive things about our services because it is by far the quickest option to use thanks to latest scripts and up to date files as well as compatibility with mobile devices thanks to authorship application available for all the users who have iOS or Android operating system.

How to use the product? Quick explanation of the downloading process

Although it looks like a pretty easy and straightforward process, some people may not be fully aware of what to do in order to use Tiktok downloader properly. So, it is quick, yet quite comprehensive and detailed instruction that will surely dispel any doubts that you or your friends may have.

1. Find the video
First, it is required to search for a video you wish to download. Once you do that, tap the “share” button on your mobile phone or click it on the computer. There, find a "copy link" position and click or tap it - depending on the device you use.

2. Enjoy the video
Press the button and wait for the application to convert the video and enjoy the content you receive - but this time without watermark, logo, or any other unwanted additions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What to do if an application refuses to work?
Sometimes the amount of requests for video conversions make the application unable to work. In that case, it is recommended to refresh the page. However, quite often the biggest issue is with the video itself, which may be set as private or limited to 1 country only. As a result, the TikTok Downloader will not be able to access the video. This results in an error.
To make sure the application is not going to cause any troubles, we have to make sure that the video is still available, the link has not gone stale, it is public and not limited to one country only. Once we take care of all these things, the app should work flawlessly.

2. Why does it take so much time for the TT Downloader to convert the file?
The main reason for the problem with page bandwidth is a lot of conversion requests, which was already stated at the top. There are tens of thousands of attempts to convert Tiktok videos every day, so it goes without saying that the more people click the “convert” button, the longer it takes for the scripts to do their magic.
The simplest solution for this issue is to simply wait. Obviously, the longer the video, the longer it takes to convert it. The same thing concerns the format we choose. Higher quality takes more space, so it is clear that it also takes more time.

3. How can I copy the link from a phone?
If you are using a phone, you don't necessarily have to use the application, because phones with the latest updates can save the video directly from the TikTok interface. However, if you have troubles in finding this option, then it is highly likely that your phone is not equipped with the proper software. In such a case, you have to copy the link. And to do that, you just need to find a video that suits you, and then from “SHARE” options find the one to copy the link. The instruction presented above clears up the issue.

4. Does the application work on every operating system?
TikTok Video Download App was prepared in such a manner it can be used with every iOS and Android device - as long as you can support the social-networking platform itself. To put it simply, if you can launch TikTok, you might as well use our services.
More importantly, we designed the tool for three most often used operating systems, namely PC, Android and iOS. Others are not supported at the moment.

5. How long is the link available for me to use?
Once you convert the file and you are ready to go, the link is available only for a very short period of time. It is due to the fact that we wish to limit the number of links that are stored. The longer they are stored and the more there are, the slower the page works. As a result, we encourage everyone to download the file within 1 minute from generating the converted video.

6. Where can I save TikTok videos?
It is purely dependent on the file you choose as the default. If you haven't set up a default folder on your PC, every time you try to download the file you will be asked to specify the location. In the case of mobile devices, it is a Download file by default.